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Apple iPhone History

The first Apple iPhone is much different than what we see today but that’s what paved the way for releasing what we now consider one of the best phones in the world. Learning always takes trial and error.

The first music product from Apple is the iPod, a device that you can play music and store in large numbers. Much more than you can get on a CD. In June 2007, Apple released a combination of iPods and mobile phones with touch screens. Users also enjoy the advantages of having internet access on the device. Many people discuss Steve Job’s main speech on Apple iPhone as one of his greatest release presentations of all time. Little did Jobs know when he gave a presentation that it would change the electronics world.

At first, users didn’t have much access to apps.  The device shipped with all of the apps pre-installed on the device.  Then later the app store was released.  Releasing a store for users to buy or download apps changed the world further.  Now there was a new industry, one that worked around the idea of developing phone programs.

Now the app developing industry is a multi-million-dollar business sector.

While it is obvious that most of the software that went into the first Apple iPhone, not so obviously a lot of hardware was designed specifically for the iPhone.  For example, the glass that was used for the screen was developed but had not had a purpose yet.  It was quickly picked up by Apple as they realized the importance it could play in being protective for screens.

What appealed to a lot of users was the fact that it could use the same charger that their iPods did.  This cable could charge their battery but more importantly, it could connect to your computer to download music to the phone. At the point that the first Apple iPhone there were several other “Smartphone” on the market but these were traditional Blackberry style devices with mechanical keys.  Some devices had styluses but they were not easily receptive to touch.  They also had smaller screens.

The iPhone really made changes in the Smartphone industry, redefining the whole term.

In the modern world, you know of two major competitors in the Smartphone industry, the Apple iPhone and Google’s Android OS.  Not everyone was aware that Google was actually a partner when the first iPhone was launched.  Google was working with Apple to develop the device but more than that, the Google CEO was on the Apple Board of Directors.

Google’s goal on working with Apple was to prevent Microsoft from dominating the mobile device industry.  Looking back now, that is somewhat comical because Apple quickly became the lead company in the industry.  However, this was noticed by Google and they backed out quickly.  Google went to focus on Android which became a close runner for a leader in the industry. Google is trying to stop producing their apps for Apple devices like the Apple iPhone. However, when they try this, they find that they are losing support from a large number of Apple users. Google restores support for Google Maps on Apple devices.